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Reconnection Remedy

Reconnection Remedy

In a world full of troubles and heaviness, one can begin to feel down with feelings of despair. Sometimes we simply feel numb and disconnected with little space for joy, colour or meaning.

The Reconnection Remedy was formulated to help raise your spirits and rekindle your happiness. The plants have been chosen to help you feel energised, motivated and open to the beauty of life again.

This larger bottle offers larger doses for stronger systemic support and rebalancing. The pocket-sized remedy is helpful for when you are out and about and need some quick symptom relief or a boost.

Ingredients and plant

Ashwagandha- Withania somnifera - Root

Siberian Ginseng- Eleutherococcus senticosus – Root

Damiana- Turnera diffusa - Leaf

Rose- Rosa damascena - Flowers

Saffron- Crocus sativus - Stigma

Lavendar- Lavandula angustifolia - Flowers

Rosemary- Rosmarinus officinalis - Leaf

Vegetable glycerine (alcohol 0.5%)


Pairs well with:

·       Regulate and Regenerate tea

·       Open Heart tea

·       Lions Mane

·       Reishi

·       Cordyceps

·       Peace Remedy

·       Resilience Remedy


How to use

50ml bottle: Have 1-3 pipettes under the tongue and hold for 30 seconds, then swallow. Top yourself up as needed. The 50ml bottle has up to 50 doses. This sized bottle is good for instant symptom relief when you are out and about. 

300ml bottle: Have 1-2 tablespoons every day ideally on an empty stomach. It is important that the medicine is taken consistently for best results so it can build up in the body. Only take for 6 weeks then take a 2 week break. The 300ml has up to 20 doses, and this sized bottle allows the option to have larger doses and deeper healing. 



Much like pharmaceuticals, there are certain medicines and conditions that herbs should not be taken with unless under the supervision of a medical herbalist or doctor. I have listed them below for your ease:

Potential pharmaceutical interactions:

  • Digoxin

  •  Thyroid medications


  • Cardiovascular issues

  • Avoid during acute phases of infections

  • Known allergies

  • Anaemia

Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

  • Not recommended with pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Safety advice:

  • Only take for 6 weeks then take a 2 week break

  • Do not take before bed as it can be stimulating


Words of advice:

Like all medicines, herbs work differently for different people. This is due to the nature of one's condition as well as their personal constitution. Seeing a clinical herbalist for a personalised prescription can be very helpful, and is advised particularly for severe conditions.


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