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Andrographis Capsules

Andrographis Paniculata


Andrographis is one of the most powerful herbs we have for immunity and is known as “King of the Bitters” (don’t worry- you can’t taste that in our capsules!). It is great daily to keep you protected and also a saviour if you are ever feeling particularly under the weather. Our pills blend an extract, as well as have pure powdered plant to ensure you get the most potent support for you and your loved ones.

Pair with

- Flow and Glow

Tea clip

Drug interactions and safety: Andrographis is generally considered safe, and there are no known interactions. If you are taking pharmaceuticals, or have any illnesses of concern then please seek the advice of a professional medical herbalist if you are considering taking these.


- Andrographis pills

(One dose is 2-3 pills)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Helped me fight covid

Having had long covid since 2020 I have been worried about catching it again, potentially having a weakened immune system and I did. I took this Andrographis everyday through out the acute infection and I actually fought it off!! Now resting and on the flow and glow tea, feeling empowered and privileged to now have these high quality herbs in my first aid box Thank you!!

Chris R.

I started taking one - two capsules a day for two weeks before I got hit by the flu that was going around and I have to say it’s the quickest my body has got rid of the flu. I woke up bed bound on Sunday morning and by Monday morning I felt almost 100%. I was taking the normal flu remedies lemon, honey ginger etc. but with the speed of how quick I recovered I knew it was the effects of taking the capsules before the flu season hit that really helped me. Highly recommend anything from Laz but this is an essential !

Amazed by these!

I was suffering with a bad cold for around 3 weeks. Sore throat, coughing and a constant blocked nose. I could not go to asleep without nose drops. I started taking 3 of these pills with food. After 7 days I started noticing that I no longer needed the nose drops, and my cough was becoming better. By the 2 week mark I was completely free of the terrorising cold and blocked nose.
Taking these pills have honestly been a godsend! I cannot sing their praises enough!


I take this all the time and without fail I notice an instant defence. The run down feeling stops- nose clears, throat settles and just feel right and normal again.
Couldn't recommend enough!

Helped me recover

This helps clear out all my colds. Whenever I wake up with a sore throat or runny nose I take 3/day for about 2 days and find the infection clears. Big help to me since I have asthma and a case of the common cold can easily turn into a serious chest infection. Speaking of which, this extract also helped me overcome a chest infection. I will be buying more soon when my supply runs out!


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