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Meadow Remedy


Whilst spring and summer brings us much joy, for many of us the pollen filled air is enough to affect the quality of our day and fill us with dread.

This is why I created the Meadow Remedy, a new and improved formulation with carefully selected plants to support you.

So here’s to a beautiful spring and summer, where you can frolic in the fields, fill your lungs with fresh air and smell all the beautiful flowers in the meadow.

After all, presence in nature is medicine in itself.

Ingredients and plant

Nettle- Urtica dioica- Leaf

Black Seed- Nigella Sativa- Seed

Ground Ivy- Glechoma hederacea- Leaf and Flower

Elderflower- Sambucus nigra- Flower

Greater Plantain- Plantago major- Leaf

Eyebright- Euphrasia officinalis- Leaf and Flower

Vegetable glycerine (alcohol removed with less than 3%)

Pair with

- Flow and Glow Tea

- Travel bottle (for when you are out and about)


- 500ml of glycerine extract

How to use

It is best taken as a preventative medicine, so have 1-2 tablespoons every morning. If symptoms are particularly strong or pollen count is high you can have another tablespoon. Each bottle comes with up to 30 doses.


Rare allergic reactions may occur. Use in pregnancy is not recommended


Check below for bundles that this remedy pairs well with to make it even stronger


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