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Rhodiola Tincture

Rhodiola Rosea


Known as the “Cosmonauts Plant”, this plant was taken to space by the Russian cosmonauts to help them deal with the stresses of outer space. It is an adaptogenic herb from Siberia, which helps us when we are emotionally, mentally, and physically run down. Perfect for building resilience and helping us handle the many challenges of modern life

How to use

Have 3-4 full pipettes up to twice a day. Don’t worry that your pipette only fills up a third of the way- this is a “full” pipette!  It can be added to water, or a drink and it is best not to have it on an empty stomach.

Pair with

- Ashwagahndha

- Hair oil


- Rhodiola Tincture

(Up to 63 doses in a bottle)


There is not much research around rhodiola and use when pregnant or breastfeeding so it is best to avoid. Also be sure to check for any pharmaceutical interactions if you are taking any. Use is not recommended if one is taking SSRI's.


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