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Ashwagandha Root Powder

Withania Somnifera

Known as “King of the Ayurvedic herbs” there are records that show this plant has been used for 6000 years. An adaptogenic herb, it soothes and works to bring calm, ease and balance into your life. Many companies use the leaves as they are cheaper and more abundant, but this extract is a full spectrum root extract that brings you the optimum power of the plant. 

How to use

Mix just under half a teaspoon of powder into water or your drink and consume daily. I personally like to have it as a shot in juice in the morning.

Pair with

- Hair oil

Drug interactions and safety:

Ashwagandha is generally considered safe, and there are no known interactions. If you are taking pharmaceuticals, or have any illnesses of concern then please seek the advice of a professional medical herbalist if you are considering taking this powder. If you have an overactive thyroid or are on thyroid medication it is best to avoid ashwagandha, and avoid ashwagandha if you are pregnant. Do not take with benzodiazepines or pharmaceutical anxiolytics.


- Ashwagandha Root Powder

(Between 50-100 doses in a jar)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The off switch for anxiety

I’ve been having half a teaspoon once a day of the ashwagandha powder for about 4 days now. I was a bit skeptical about how much it would actually help my anxiety purely because sometimes my anxiety simply cannot be managed or eased. Its worst manifestation is when I get bouts of insomnia.

4 days in and I almost instantly feel the effect of this powder after consuming, it literally feels like the whirring buzz of anxiety has just been switched off. Like the washing machine finally switching off and you remember what quiet sounds like. I’ve been feeling so free from expending energy on being anxious/stressed that I’ve had way more energy for other things throughout the day. I feel really grounded and like I can sustain myself and the activities I’m doing day to day - I have space in my head to focus and do things!

Carly S.
Super soothing

I was super lucky to win a jar of Laz's Ashwagandha powder in an IG giveaway. I've got into a habit of making it into a warm bedtime drink with oat milk and chamomile tea and since starting this, have noticed I consistently get good quality sleep. It tastes great and the jar lasts ages... I'm only half way through the jar but will definitely be ordering again.

Michelle A.
Magic powder

I've been taking this for a few weeks now and honestly the difference in how I feel is like night and day! I've struggled with anxiety for over 8 years now, it took me a lot to even use this powder! I had to research every last detail, so glad I finally found the courage to try because it is helping me massively! I can't remember the last time I felt anxious, my stress levels have decreased, I'm calmer, my reactions are calmer, I'm taking time to reflect rather than just react. I honestly cannot recommend this enough!

You need this!

This really is super duper! I mix this in with a cacao and mushroom blend drink. Drinking this regularly I have felt the difference. If you feel a bit disjointed this is deffinately something to try. Especially through Rebecca, I know her products are top quality x x

Abi G.
So much calmer!

This really helped me to deal with anxiety and ptsd symptoms. It also helps with brain fog, I feel so much more clear headed when I take it. Tastes pretty lovely too, reminds me of a malt drink :-)


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